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  • Gearing up for summer

    How did it get to be June? Spring seemed to rush by more quickly than usual. School is winding down and summer vacation is right around the corner. Do the weeks of unstructured time stretching out before you make you excited or fill you with dread? I have to admit the decimation of our carefully crafted schedule brings a measure of angst. Years of experience with this has taught me that we will settle into a new rhythm. I've learned to appreciate the slower pace and realize that down time is not necessarily detrimental. If you are one of those folks that is super excited for summer, good for you! If you lean more my way, take solace in the fact that much like spring, summer will be over before you know it!
  • Thanks NYIT!

    Just wanted to thank our team of students from the Carleton Group at NYIT...Erica, James, Nick and Leonard...for all of their work in creating the printed materials for the 5th Annual Planting Seeds of Community Dinner. They designed the invitations, created the volunteer of the year award certificate, scroll of honor and signage for the event. The team even came to a group play date at the Long Island Children's Museum to experience our program. They have done an outstanding job and it has been a pleasure to work with them!
  • One more week!

    Just one more week until our 5th Annual Planting Seeds of Community Dinner! Thank you to everyone who donated to our raffle and silent auction. Looking forward to a wonderful evening!!!
  • Kidville!!!

    Today was our first group play date at Kidville in Wantagh. I wanted to thank the owner, Alexis, and her staff, Jen and Mike, for making us feel so welcome. Our pals had a great time and we are already looking forward to our next play date there on April 26!

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