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  • Puppet Campaign Success!

    Our 4th annual Sponsor-A-Puppet campaign in memory of Jim Lassus was a smashing success! Our goal was 100 puppets, and thanks to the generosity of our donors, 151 puppets were sponsored!!! Thanks so much to everyone who donated!

  • 2019 Puppet Campaign

    Our 4th Annual Sponsor-A-Puppet in Memory of Jim Lassus is underway!  Several years ago our program was blessed with the addition of an amazing volunteer, Liz Lassus.  In fact, she was our 2014 Volunteer of the Year.  In her acceptance speech she thanked her husband, Jim, for his support of her volunteer activities.  Over the years Jim went from supporting Liz to becoming a volunteer in his own right.  Jim passed away quite suddenly in August 2015.  In lieu of flowers, donations to PeerPals.org were suggested.  This act of generosity in Jim’s memory raised enough money to sponsor more than a dozen play dates.

    To show our appreciation and find a way to honor Jim’s memory we have named the PeerPals.org welcome puppet Jim.  Each child is welcomed  into our program with a puppet.  This way they have a puppet pal to play with while they wait to be matched with a real pal.  Our puppet is a chef because at PeerPals.org, we’re “cooking” up friendships!  Each time we pack a puppet to send to a new family, we remember Jim and the gift of his friendship.

    Please consider a donation of $20 to sponsor a puppet that will be sent to welcome a new child to PeerPals.org.  Thank you for your support of our mission of inclusion for children with disabilities.

  • Stop & Shop Oyster Bay

    Have you heard the news? PeerPals.org has been selected as the beneficiary of the @StopandShop Community Bag Program! Each time the $2.50 reusable Community Bag is purchased at the Stop & Shop at 275 Pine Hollow Road during the month of June we will receive a $1 donation!

  • More LICM Play Dates for 2019!!

    Thanks to the generosity of our donors at the Planting Seeds of Community Dinner, we have added 4 more play dates at the Long Island Children's Museum this fall! Click on the events tab to see all of our scheduled play dates for the rest of the year.

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