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Welcome to! We are an organization dedicated to helping preschool age children with disabilities become part of their communities, one friendship at a time. Won't you join us?

  • Triple Play Date Month with a Double Play Date Weekend

    September is an exciting month here at! This month we have three group play dates on our calendar and they are all full! Last weekend we had a great time at Gymboree with several new families. This weekend we will be at More Than A Gym on Saturday and Kidville Wantagh on Sunday. There's nothing better than watching our pals have fun!!!
  • Congratulations to Julie, our Executive Director!!

    Julie was one of five people to be honored on July 24, 2015 by the Nassau County Executive Edward Mangano for her advocacy for disability rights. “These advocates have fought for equal rights and committed themselves to programs, services and outreach and enforcement efforts,” said Mangano at a ceremony marking the passage in 1990 of the Americans with Disabilities Act. The act prevents discrimination based on disabilities by requiring employers to provide reasonable accommodations and ensuring that public accommodations meet certain accessibility requirements. So excited to frame and hang up her citation on the office walls!!!
  • Happy Birthday To Us!!!

    Happy birthday to us, happy birthday to us, happy birthday dear, happy birthday to us!!! Today we celebrate's 7th birthday! Over the last seven years we have grown from no group play dates in 2008 and one group play date in 2009, to 23 group play dates in 2015! Thank you to all of the families that have joined us on our journey as we strive to build communities of inclusion for preschoolers with disabilities. Thanks, too, to our amazing volunteers!
  • More Than Just a Play Date at More Than A Gym!

    We are excited to partner with More Than A Gym in Syosset! We will be doing yoga with our pals from 3-4PM on Saturday, September 19th! Check out our events tab at the top of the page to sign up, and check out our schedule of play dates! We are confident that our play date at our new venue will be just as much fun as Gymboree, LICM, and Kidville!! Namaste.

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